Innova Agri Bio Park


1. Fruit and Vegetable Facility:

We handle produce straight from farms at our Pack house, which is graded, sorted, washed, treated, precooled, ripened and packed as per the requirement.

2. Gamma Irradiation:

  • India’s first and only private Gamma Irradiation Agro Processing Facility for agri and allied products, also India’s first food park to have an integrated facility of both APEDA Pack house and Gamma Irradiation facility for fruits and vegetable exports.
  • Sterilization through gamma Irradiation is the answer to de-contamination of food products, medical devices to make them pest and microbe free.

3. Cold storage

Innova offers Six separate chambers with a total capacity of 3000 MT allows different temperature and humidity levels required for storing various raw materials or finished products

4. Cereals and pulses processing and packing line

  • Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for cleaning, de-stoning, sorting and grading of all pulses and cereals.
  • The Bosch Terra 25 Automatic Packing machine is capable of packing cereals, pulses, seeds, powdered spices, etc in preferred pack size.