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Facilities at Innova Agri Bio Park Ltd

The 1st Integrated Pack house Facility with Hot Water Treatment, Ripening chambers and Gamma Irradiation which is accredited by APEDA and Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage (DPPQS).

Facility to sterilize medical & allied products using Gamma Irradiation using Cobalt-60.

USDA-APHIS Certified Gamma Irradiation Facility to decontaminate food; inhibition of sprouting; delay in ripening; thereby extension of shelf life of cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and other Agricultural commodities.

Accredited by Australian Government for the irradiation of mangoes for export.

Infrastructure to process Fruits & Vegetables - Mangoes being exported to USA, Australia & EU countries.

Other facilities available

Centralized pack house for Cleaning, Sorting, Grading, Packaging and Pre-cooling of Fruits and Vegetables

Hot Water Treatment for Mangoes USA, Australia and EU countries (Dip & Conveyor systems)

Fully automatic ripening chamber using ethylene gas, to enhance ripening process in Mangoes, Banana and others fruits.

Dry ware-house is equipped with the state-of-art machinery for Cleaning, Destoning, Sorting, Grading and Packing of Pulses and Cereals.

Cold storage facility with a capacity of 2500 MT allows different temperature and humidity levels for storing raw materials and finished products.

Possess quarantine labs at Packhouse & Gamma Irradiation Facility for the inspection & certification of Fruits and Vegetables & other Agricultural commodities.

Cold Storage Facility

Gamma Irradiation Facility